Friday, May 27, 2016

MCPS Mother speaks out after disabled son photographed partially naked using school restroom

An 18-year-old special needs student hasn't returned to class since someone snapped a compromising picture of him in a school bathroom, and then uploaded it onto a popular social media application.
On Monday, May 16, the student, born with cerebral palsy, autism and impaired vision, entered a men's restroom at Damascus High School where he was enrolled in the 'Learning For Independence' program.
Due to dexterity issues, the student, who ABC7 is not identifying, is unable to button or zip his pants. Instead, he wears clothing with elastic waistbands, often dropping his trousers down to his knees when he urinates. While the special needs victim stood in front of a urinal, a male classmate used his cell phone to take a photo of the victim's bare buttocks.
The photo was then posted onto Snapchat. It went viral in short order....

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