Thursday, June 23, 2016

"One of the things that we don’t feel the [City] Council has done a good job on at this time is educating and engaging the community about the cell tower,” said Oscar Alvarenga, PTA president of Summit Hall Elem.

Gaithersburg pursues more towers 

GAITHERSBURG – The City Council advanced a controversial proposal to permit Verizon to construct a cell tower at Morris Park over the objections of its most junior member and several city residents.

The council passed a resolution Monday to authorize City Manager Tony Tomasello to immediately execute an agreement with Verizon to construct the tower.

Council Member Robert Wu expressed concern about the lack of information regarding several aspects of the proposal.

“I’ll be frank, I’m vexed, and I have a lot of consternation about the way the Council is handling this issue,” Wu said.

“It’s hard for me to say that because I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone on the Council over the last six months and I have the utmost respect for you gentlemen…to be frank, I think you have blinders on here with respect to this issue…I don’t believe this has been explored; I don’t believe you have a firm grasp on the issues related to the cell tower, and that troubles me.”

Wu noted a lack of public notice with regards to the project, saying he himself did not know the issue would be on the calendar until the previous night...

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  1. Instead of educating
    They are saturating
    Forcing communication
    Via non-ionizing radiation.


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