Monday, June 20, 2016

Secret Deal Set for Cell Tower for Summit Hall Elementary School Field

Chart shows that 82% of students live in poverty.
Welcome to Montgomery County!

How does our community treat our poorest residents?

We exclude them from participating in public decisions and mark their communities with cell towers on their playgrounds and fields.

On Monday, June 20, 2016, the City of Gaithersburg Council will vote to authorize staff to sign a secret lease with a cell tower company to build a cell tower on the fields next to Summit Hall Elementary School.

The City Council is giving the public absolutely NO INFORMATION about the proposed cell tower construction project.  The lease that is being authorized HAS NOT BEEN MADE PUBLIC.
There are absolutely NO DETAILS about the cell tower.
For example:
  • What HAZMAT materials will be stored at the site?  
  • What type of cell tower will be built? 
  • What type of fencing will be used? 
  • Will there be barbed wire?  
  • Will the cell tower have a light at the top or at the base?  
  • Where will the road be constructed for accessing the cell tower?  
  • Will cell tower workers be prevented from accessing the cell tower during baseball/softball games or will their trucks be freely traveling the field as the games are played?
  • How will the cell tower compound be landscaped? 
  • When is the balloon test?
  • How big will the cell tower site be initially? 
  • Where will the site be expanded as carriers are added?  
  • Will Verizon be paying the property taxes on the cell tower compound?
  • Where will PEPCO be running power to the site?
  • What about flooding at Morris Park?  
We will stop there.

Those are just some of the many unanswered questions about the Summit Hall Elementary School field cell tower that will be approved Monday evening.

Now, if this cell tower were being proposed for say, Whitman High School's baseball field would the parents and neighbors have an opportunity to have their questions answered and would they be given the details?
We know the answer to that question.  There already was a cell tower proposed for the Whitman High School baseball field and the cell tower vendor held a meeting for parents.

Affluent = Gets meeting with details and can ask questions.
Poor = Gets zip.

Welcome to Montgomery County!

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