Friday, July 29, 2016

New MD State BOE President and his connection to Gates Foundation

The Maryland State Board of Education has tapped an education policy expert who helped found a charter school as its new president.

Andrew R. Smarick, 40, appointed last year by Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, was unanimously elected Tuesday by the 12-member policy-making body and will serve a one-year term.

Smarick is a partner at Bellwether Education Partners, a nonprofit that works to improve K-12 education for low-income students, and recently served on the Commission to Review Maryland’s Use of Assessments and Testing in Public Schools, which issued recommendations earlier this month.

Soure:  The Washington Post


In November of 2013, the Gates Foundation gave a grant to Bellwether Education Partners.

Bellwether Education Partners, Inc.

November 2013 
to support CoreSpring, an initiative to build a bank of shared Common Core aligned formative item and assessment resources that assure improved discoverability, availability and interoperability 
College Ready 
United States 
Sudbury, Massachusetts


  1. A recent article from another State Board of Education member, the very pro-charter Chester Finn:

  2. The novel common core
    Results in eye sore
    And kids say no more
    Because it is a bore.

  3. The day Finn & Smarick were appointed was the day I began looking in earnest for a home outside Maryland.

    Still haven't found the right one, plus it'd be hard to pull up roots here, but....Finn & Smarick!


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