Tuesday, August 2, 2016

MCPS has to "lift their work" #achievementgap #wow

During a board of education meeting on Monday evening, the new Montgomery County Public School Superintendent, Jack Smith laid out his goals for the 2016 - 2017 school year; and one of the new strategies will include addressing a slight opportunity gap.
"There's an opportunity gap across the nation and even in MCPS where certain student groups like African American, Latino students, and students from lower economic classes aren't performing as well in schools, and what we have to do is lift our work to ensure that they can have the opportunity and resources to achieve and that they have the high levels of student learning that we should expect from them,” said Turner.



  1. Economic class and academic performance are statistically independent variables.

    1. To a point, perhaps - but there are factors inherent in poverty that do affect academic performance in a number of ways, from overt (no safe place to do homework, no internet access, no food security leading to hunger, even homelessness) to less obvious (brain differences due to stresses of poverty leading to lower academic performance, poor nutrition from conception affecting brain and neurological development and physical health). To say that academic performance is not impacted at all by poverty would be less than accurate, if not outright spurious.


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