Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Breaking: MCPS Re-Tests WJHS Field, Field and Track Still Deteriorating and Dangerous #GMAX

In response to the August 16, 2016, Forbes article that exposed the concussion risk on the Walter Johnson High School artificial turf field from dangerous GMAX (hardness of field) readings, MCPS re-tested the field on August 25, 2016.

However, as noted by the company that ran the test, MCPS had tons of crumb rubber dumped on to the Walter Johnson HS artificial turf field the very day of the new GMAX testing.  

Of course the GMAX readings improved from the previous test on July 11th.

The new GMAX report still describes a field that is dangerous, overused (and this is before BCC football was added to the field for this year) and in need of repair and/or may need replacement during the warranty period.  

August 25, 2016, GMAX report on Walter Johnson High School artificial turf field.

The new readings still show GMAX numbers that are not acceptable, even by FieldTurf's own standards. 

In 2009, FieldTurf made this video about artificial turf safety and stated that their fields maintain GMAX ratings of 120-180 for the life of their warranty.  The WJHS artificial turf field still has readings over 180, even after tons of crumb rubber was added the day of the most recent GMAX test.

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