Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hogan Demands School Officials Appear Before Board

State lawmakers return to Annapolis one week from today for their 90-day session, and the battle lines are being drawn over school construction money.
It is not the amount of money that puts Gov. Larry Hogan at odds with Democrats, it is who has the final authority to approve the spending.
Lawmakers last year added language to the capital budget to take away the final spending authority from the Board of Public Works, which is chaired by the governor.
Hogan criticized the move at today’s Board of Public Works meeting.
“Final approval of the expenditure of school construction funds rests solely with this Board of Public Works, and anyone who thinks that they can take away that authority on a whim, is gravely mistaken,” Hogan said Wednesday...


  1. Good for you Gov. Hogan! The governor has a 73% approval rating from the people of Maryland and we see why. The democrats are trying to North Carolina-ize our state by taking away traditional rights of the executive branch.

    1. The Dems were compromising government in North Carolina? That's not how the most recent news there reads. LOL


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