Friday, March 17, 2017

Exclusive: Kagan, Zucker and MCEA employee Pinsky vote No to Guidelines for Digital Devices in Classrooms #progressive #AppleBallot

The Parents' Coalition has obtained a copy of the voting record for the Maryland Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee vote on Senate Bill 1089, the bill to provide guidelines for the use of digital devices in public school classrooms. 

From the voting record we learn that two Montgomery County Senators voted against moving this bill forward.  

We also see that on the same committee with Montgomery County Senators Cheryl Kagan and Craig Zucker is Senator Paul Pinsky.  While Pinsky technically represents citizens in Prince George's County, he is also a long time employee of our Montgomery County teachers union.  

Does Kagan and Zucker voting against this bill along with Pinsky signal that our local teachers' union (MCEA - Apple Ballot) has secretly put the kibosh on this bill, thus killing it for all public school children in the state of Maryland?

If anyone can get Senator Cheryl Kagan or Senator Craig Zucker to explain their NO vote on this bill, please let us know their explanation.

As a reminder, the national organization Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood supported this bill.


  1. Kagan tweeted to me yesterday saying, "Asked that a letter be sent to @MarylandDHMH to explore the issue and possible solutions. Important issue, but the bill was unclear." I will follow up for more details.

    1. Why didn't Cheryl Kagan ask questions at the bill hearing? Why didn't she read the DHMH letter that already exists?

      Who "told" Kagan to kill this bill? That would be the Apple Ballot. Parents, remember what the Apple Ballot stands for the next time you vote.

    2. I did Tweet Kagan but got no response. I also emailed her asking that the Senate take another look; no response yet but it wasn't that long ago that I sent it.

  2. How could anyone vote against this safety bill!!!! What kind of political system do we have for such an important effort to be voted down???

    Shame on them.

    1. Parallax error?

    2. Not 'shame on them.' Shame on Cheryl Kagan and the voters who constantly re-elect her. She is ELECTED. No need to be vague. If you voted for Kagan, this is what you want. Voters, take some responsibility.


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