Friday, June 2, 2017

The newest cyber vulnerability: The ‘internet of things’

...And more than half of the professionals surveyed say they’re not prepared for cyberattacks like this involving what is known as that internet of things (IoT).
There are about six billion to eight billion computing devices of various sorts — from baby dolls and thermostats to wireless infusion pumps and public utilities systems — connected to the internet. This would-be network of devices, the IoT, offers countless means of convenience and utility for users but also presents broad opportunities for hackers with nefarious ends in mind.
The problem becomes clearer as companies bring their wares to market with no security whatsoever, said Tom Patterson, vice president and general manager of Unisys Global Security.
“Everyone has to take security seriously,” he said...

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  1. Not to worry HSA has it under control.


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