Thursday, January 3, 2019

RM High School Field Infill is 96% SAND (not the zeolite MCPS claimed would be infill)

The field test report for the new Richard Montgomery High School {RMHS) artificial turf football/soccer field shows the infill used on the field is 96% SAND and only 4% Zeofill.

When the RMHS artificial turf football/soccer field was being replaced, MCPS administrators claimed the infill was going to be zeolite.  The specifications for the project claimed the infill was going to be zeolite/sand.  However, the final infill that is actually on the field is 96% Sand and only 4% Zeofill, more of a sand/zeolite infill as SAND is the predominate infill on the surface of the plastic.

This new information as to the content of the RMHS infill may explain why RMHS athletes were getting injured on the new artificial turf surface.

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