Monday, October 20, 2008

Schools collect student fees, but don't spend them on students

Here is how students were overcharged for Curricular Fees (and other fees) in the schools where audits have been made available on the Parents Coalition website. Where possible it is noted the total for
the group that included Curricular Fees. Although these account statements are not all organized the same and the accounts get mixed into different groups. 

The "overcharge" is how much was left in the student accounts as of June 30th - kids were gone - money left behind.

Fees paid in during school year but not expended on students during the school year.


BCC: $78,378 (Curricular fees group)

Blair: $90,636 (Curricular fees group)

Churchill: $94,152 (Curricular Fees group)

Einstein $191,761 (all student accounts)

Poolesville $272,197 (all student accounts)

RM $37,221 (Curricular fees group)

Seneca Valley $107,398 (Curricular fees group)

WJ $63,594 (Curricular fees group)

Whitman $418,935 (all student accounts - not broken out by groups)

Wootton $132,011 (Curricular fees group)

Because we don't know how the funds are being spent, this is only a snapshot of funds that are being carried over to the next year. We can't tell if the funds expended were used for curriculum related items
or transfered to other non-student uses. All we can say about these numbers is that it appears that with regard to Curricular Fees, these schools are collecting more than they actually are spending.