Friday, August 26, 2022

Biden Brings His Own Ventilation to @mcps High School #COVIDisAirborne #CO2

On Thursday, August 26, 2022, President Joe Biden held a rally in the gym of Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville.  Montgomery County is currently in a period of HIGH COVID-19 Transmission with a Positivity Rate of 11.65%. What's a President to do with a potential super spreader event?  Why, bring his own ventilation, of course!  

Take a look at the air handling units that were added to the outside of the Richard Montgomery High School gym for President Biden's rally.

How do MCPS students that use this gym year round get the same type of ventilation upgrade for their use of this space?  

Meanwhile, MCPS parents continue to advocate for the Board of Education to acknowledge that #COVIDisAirborne.  The President of the United States gets it, why doesn't the Board of Education get it?  

**So in 2022, @mcps takes a hard pass on ventilation/air purification upgrades but leans in on "respiratory etiquette"**

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