Monday, February 23, 2009

MCPS in London?

Please click HERE to see the agenda for a conference held in London, England, in October, 2008:

The name of the conference is the Interactive Technology in Education Symposium. One of the sponsors is Promethean.

Please note, on page 2, that Sherwin Collette, Chief Technology Officer, Montgomery County Schools, US, is listed as the presenter for "Best Practices District Wide Implementation" for Concurrent sessions # 1 and # 2, on Monday, October 6th, 2008.

According to the agenda, the location of the conference is the "stylish Milennium Gloucester Hotel in the heart of Kensington, one of the most prestigious areas of London."

I have a few questions for the Board of Education, since Dr. Weast said on the radio today that MCPS is all about transparency:

1. Did Mr. Collette actually make this trip to London, England, as a representative of MCPS?

2. If so, who paid for the airfare, lodging, meals, ground transportation, etc?

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