Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pres. Navarro didn't sign lease

As reported here, Superintendent Weast is not going to be able to make the FY 10 lease payment on the 2,600 Promethean Boards ordered and delivered in June of 2008 as planned.

How was a lease executed without the funding needed to support the payments?

In Maryland, procurements by a state agency are governed by the State Procurement Regulations. Procurements over $25,000 are to be approved by the Board of Education according to MCPS Policy, MCPS Regulations and the MCPS Procurement Manual.

The Promethean lease(see page 4) called for a signature of the Board of Education as lessee. The Board President is responsible for signing contracts and other documents on behalf of the Board according to the Board of Education Handbook (page 6). The Board of Education President on June 16, 2008 was Nancy Navarro. However, the box that is labeled for the signature of the Board of Education on the lease does not show Board President Navarro's signature.

Why didn't Board of Education President Navarro sign the 4 year lease for $3.3 million per year, for 2,600 Promethean Boards in June of 2008?

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