Monday, June 29, 2009

Breaking News: MCPS Relents! Student Wins!

The Examiner reports on today's breaking news:

After two years of living in Montgomery County this teen, who was born in the USA and lives with his court appointed legal guardian in Montgomery County, will finally be enrolled in Montgomery County Public Schools! From The Examiner article:

Jeff Sukkasem's plight was first revealed in an April article in The Examiner, in which he and Rockville lawyer Pat Hoover described their legal battle with Montgomery County Public Schools.
Here is today's press release from the teen's attorney: MCPS Grants U.S. Citizen Permission to Attend High School

WTOP: Teen wins fight to attend school

Fox5: After 2 Years Boy Allowed in School

WJZ: 2 Years On, Montgomery Co. Lets Boy Go to School

Teacher Magazine: 2 Years on, Montgomery Co. lets boy go to school

Gazette: Bethesda student allowed to enroll in high school

Education Week: 2 years on, Montgomery Co. lets boy go to school

American School and University: Dispute over residency keeps student out of school for 2 years

Scholastic Administrator: Alexander Russo's This Week in Education

The Washington Post also reported on this news in their story, "School System Relents After Blocking Student's Admission." But don't look for that title on the article, The Washington Post has already changed it. Here is how the story was first titled by the Washington Post. Why the change?

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  1. RELENT (from -

    S: (v) yield, relent, soften (give in, as to influence or pressure)

    MCPS yield to pressure or influence?? Never!! {not in public anyway...)


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