Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bye bye to Middle School Electives

Here is a clip of last night's Board of Education discussion on the Strategic Plan.

When it comes time to discuss the Board's Strategic Plan, Dr. Weast states that MCPS has spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours studying issues. He is done with the discussion.

Listen carefully - you will hear words never before uttered by Dr. Weast. "No more time, no more money, be honest." "No creativity." And my favorite: "Have it based on some factual matter."

At least when it comes to issues like middle school course electives and the possibility for creative scheduling or engaging our children. Dr. Weast isn't interested. The school day is limited, the money is limited.

You need to hear for yourself. Click here for a snip - the entire BOE meeting will be webcast in a few days on the MCPS website.

Do we have a world class school system or is world class limited to the Walter Johnson athletic field?


  1. Monetary issues Dr. Weast????? THis from the man pushing expensive artificial turf on the schools and allowing a $400,000 "temporary" grass field at Walter Johnson HS?
    We HAVE had good middle school electives and magnets engaging kids- why are you squandering our children's education on your pet technologies and projects while slowly starving them in the classroom? You seem to have more than monetary issues Dr. Weast.

  2. Well, they can eliminate double periods for some students since, sometimes it is overkill for some of the student body. Why does the board implement, I thought that was Weast's job title.

  3. A sad update -- the Eastern Middle School Schedule Decision Reversal group (which is trying to reverse the reduction of classes from 8 to 7 at Eastern) went through the MCPS complaint process and finally appealed the schedule decision to the BOE. We heard this week that the appeal was denied. Next steps are being discussed, including the court filing of a stay of the schedule change pending an appeal to the state BOE. Sigh.


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