Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turf Talk Better Late than Not at All

Here is an interesting meeting announcement courtesy of the Richard Montgomery PTSA listserve:

MCCPTA Information Forum about Artificial Turf

In response to ongoing concerns and questions about artificial turf, MCCPTA will be sponsoring an information forum for PTA members and interested school community members. The overall goal is to share information from both sides of the issue related to artificial turf versus natural turf. MCCPTA has not taken a position on artificial turf, so the purpose of the forum is informational and not to advocate for one side or the other. We are interested in the overall safety and health aspects of both turfs.

MCCPTA has reserved the date of October 7 from 7:00- 9:00 PM in the Carver Auditorium. Elected officials have been invited to attend.

The MCCPTA Safety Committee chaired by Laurie Halverson and The MCCPTA Health Committee chaired by Susan Young will be the contacts for this event. Contact information is provided below.

MCCPTA Safety Committee - Laurie Halverson, Chair

MCCPTA Health Committee - Susan Young, Chair

Keep in mind that artificial turf fields are now at 3 MCPS high schools - Richard Montgomery, Montgomery Blair, and Walter Johnson, with more to follow. So - is it safe or isn't it, and if we have any question, why are we only asking now after our kids are at risk?

MCCPTA meetings are open to the public. Come out and hear what your elected officials know about the issue.


  1. Walter Johnson does not have an artificial turf field. They just got a brand new, gorgeous sod field with an underground sprinkler system!

  2. If you are concerned about Health and Safety - you need look no further than TargaPro, Inc. We provide a completely lead and carcinogen free synthetic turf - no lead in the yarn filers, no urethanes in the backing and an anti-microbial organic infill called Organite which provides a total system that is Ecosafe, Environmentally Sustainable and 100% recyclable. We use no ground crumb rubber tire or silica sand infill materials - not do we use the "so called" safe coated sands - which are by the way just the same dangerous silica sands banned in some states. www.targapro.com or e-mail me at turfboss@targapro.com for more information. I would be happy to meet with your group at any time.


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