Saturday, February 20, 2010

Exposing the hidden costs of a free public education

San Diego News Network:  Exposing the hidden costs of a free public education
(Article cites curricular fee issue in Montgomery County Public Schools)
...The right of free access also prohibits mandated purchases of materials, supplies, equipment or uniforms associated with the activity, as well as the payment of security deposits for access, participation, materials or equipment. Finally, a process that allows for a waiver process for an otherwise mandatory fee, charge or deposit does not render it constitutionally permissible.”...
...Teachers’ syllabi regularly list required course supplies, including calculators for mathematics courses and cameras for photography classes. ASB and student stores have become clothing stores selling physical education uniforms which some schools require students to purchase.
In order to comply with the law, these practices will have to cease.
Other school districts nationwide – like this one in Gaithersburg, Maryland – are also confronting similar challenges...  

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