Monday, February 15, 2010

Montgomery Co. Parents Concerned With Icy Walkways to Portables| ABC 7 News

Montgomery Co. Parents Concerned With Icy Road Conditions ABC 7 News

..."The staff parking lot is cleared so the staff can park," noted Amber Khan, a parent. "But frankly when we have 30 to 40 percent of our kids are walkers,
it's going to be pretty treacherous."

But even once they get to school, parent Jim Hoskinson showed the potential problems at the portable classrooms. "They're going to have to walk across this sheet of ice and have to walk underneath this water dripping down and these icicles falling down on top of them," he said...


  1. How ridiculous. Kids have been playing on these same snow covered places for two weeks and now its unsafe to go to school. We are raising a generation of sissies and it is caused by the parents who see danger everywhere.

  2. @ Anonymous - I am pretty sure that the students that utilize wheelchairs and other assistive devices have NOT been out playing in the snow.

    Public School is for ALL children, not JUST the able-bodied.

    Your attitude was prevalent 50 years ago when students that were not fully able bodied were not educated. But that is not the law today. Today ALL children have the right to an education.

    The safety of ALL children is on the table today.

    Hopefully you aren't a MCPS administrator.

  3. I doesn't really matter who I am does it? Do I infer from your response that we cancel school because a few handicapped children can't navigate on snow?

    In any school that I have worked handicapped children have attendents, their parents bring them to school or they ride specially equipped buses, and they don't go outside except in warm weather.

  4. I noticed that the channel 7 story said nothing about disabled students. Why did you drag that into the discussion?

  5. All kids count.

    Just because you don't see all kids and don't take all kids into consideration, doesn't mean they don't exist.

    The job of a Superintendent is to make sure all kids can get to school safely.

  6. Anonymous,
    The 'kids' have not been playing in the street. That is where they will have to walk to get to school. Playing in the park or the backyard is not the same as playing in the street or walking against fast-moving cars on a major, or even, neighborhood, street.
    Paula B.

  7. The article talked about structural engineers. However, that is not what Mr. Lavorgna told parents yesterday. There was 'visual inspection' is what he told parents. To the reporters who wrote this story, first off, thanks for your hard work to bring this information to the community. Second, please find out exactly what kind of 'inspection' there REALLY was. Your readers would love to know.


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