Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Selling the Seven Keys in Arizona

The Seven Keys to College Readiness initiative has "dramatically increased college attendance and graduation rates," according to a report published in the AASA Conference Daily Report by Rebecca Lish. (National Conference on Education, AASA, Phoenix, AZ, Wednesday, February 10, 2010)

Lish's report also states that "the initiative began in 1999."


Thought the "Seven Keys" rollout was last spring.

To read the whole report on this pre-conference session, click HERE.

Click HERE to view the Power Point presentation for the AASA National Conference on Education.


  1. Another amazing quote from the article:

    "Students start visiting colleges in grade 3."

  2. Well this confirms that Jerry Weast left his district during a historic blizzard.

  3. Press release announcing Seven Keys (2009, NOT 1999):

  4. Hmmmm: What ever happened to "College Rigorous?" Seems like in 2001 the BOE approved the target that 40% of graduates should meet the "college rigorous" standard. But now we have the "Seven Keys" and the "college rigorous" standard seems to have....vanished? Read about "College Rigorous" at page 8 of the MCPS Bulletin:

  5. Let's see: At the 2008 AASA conference, Jerry Weast was talking about 80% "college ready" by 2010.

    But today, in 2010, he's talking about 80% college ready by 2014!

    Next year, what is the target date going to be?


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