Thursday, February 18, 2010

Teacher doesn't always equal classroom

Here is an example from an online article about MCPS that details MCPS Operating budget funds that are paying teachers to be outside of the classrooms.

Consulting teachers and staff-development teachers do not have full-time classroom assignments. Note than when budget cuts are being discussed, cutting "teachers" does not necessarily mean impacting student classrooms. There are MCPS staff with the title of "teacher" that are not interacting with classroom students on a full-time basis.  

Education World ® Administrators Center: Making Teacher Evaluations Work

...Deploying a program such as the Professional Growth System calls for ample resources, which MCPS is providing. The total budget for the project is $10,209,559, which comes from the overall MCPS budget. The cost of the salaries of the consulting teachers alone is $906,965, and $6,171,610 is budgeted for staff-development teachers...

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