Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MCPS is hiring! Send your resume today!

MCPS is hiring - just not teachers.

Superintendent Jerry Weast is hiring 4 administrators:  3 Director II, Job Grade Q positions and 1 Associate Superintendent position.

From the DC Examiner database on MCPS salaries we know that the Job Grade Q positions were paying $125,500 to $127,000 in 2006. Associate Superintendent Positions were paying $146,354 in 2006.

Below are the 4 positions that Superintendent Weast is seeking to fill this month.

If these 4 positions weren't filled, how many classroom teachers could be hired?
(Hint - around 10 to 12)

1 comment:

  1. 3*125+150=525

    If you count salaries only, you could get 10-12 rookies for that after you include the benefits and overhead costs.

    Figure in the admin's bennies and overhead and you're still n the same range, but closer to 12.

    The guys that fill these positions aren't rookies.
    I won't venture to say how much such personnel ARE worth, but to ignore the cumulative costs of benefits packages and retirement is to gloss over very large portions of the personnel costs that parents and voters should be aware of.

    That said, it would not surprise me at all if restructuring the administrative personnel of MCPS would increase efficiency.


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