Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WUSA9: Churchill HS - Root cause of this scandal wasn't technology

WUSA9 reports
...The school's chief technology officer said the root cause of this scandal wasn't technology, but human action. Still, a small device helped students breach a system that administrators believed was secure...


  1. What a complete crock. MCPS implemented a system which did not require authorized users to regularly change their passwords.

    That is Network Administration 101.

    And how many MCPS employees have their passwords taped inside their desk drawer?

    The Perps still did something terrible and very wrong. But the comments of the MCPS Chief Technology Officer are innappropriate. He was hiding from his own responsibilities.

  2. I left MCPS a year ago and I can still get into the system with my user name and password. I don't even think that they realize I am gone.

    The principal was less than candid. There was money exchanged for higher grades and some students had their grades lowered because they weren't "cool". This grade changing started at least a year ago and possibly two. The parents were lied to.

  3. What a surprise! There is something rotten at Churchill and I've always learned that the fish rots from the head. Time for change we can believe in.


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