Friday, July 1, 2011

Gazette: Eight questions for the new schools superintendent

 Joshua P. Starr to take over after 12 years under nationally-recognized educator
Q: Comparing 1999 to the latest statistics, the achievement gaps between blacks and whites and Hispanics and whites on both Advanced Placement and SAT scores have actually grown by small amounts. (Gaps in SAT scores compared to whites went from 228 to 233 for blacks, 177 to 201 for Hispanics. Percentage of blacks’ scores on AP tests that were 3 or above went from 68.6 percent to 46.1 percent, and for Hispanics, from 83.6 to 54.9 percent. That percentage for whites declined only 1.3 percent to 77.9.) How can you address these gaps?
A: In my conversations with Dr. [Jerry D.] Weast, he’s very much admitted that, “Yes there’s still a lot of work to be done.” Just because gaps still exist doesn’t [mean] that a lot of great work hasn’t been done. It’s a combination of analysis of what already exists, and seeing if there are some things we could do differently, and also to hear from folks about what ideas they have. It’s not an overhaul.
questions continue here

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