Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glenallen Elementary School Forest Conservation Plan

NOTE: There will be no Planning Board sessions during month of August.



* Item 1  -  Consent Agenda items include...
ADOPTION OF RESOLUTIONS (of past decisions)
-  Glenallen Elementary School Modernization Project Forest Conservation Plan
-  Srour Falls Lot 9, Block A Preliminary Plan Amendment
-  Winterset Preliminary Plan Amendment - modify Category 1 Conservation 
-  8711 Georgia Avenue Amendments to Project Plan, Preliminary Plan and Site 
-  Germantown Town Center Site Plan Amendment - Panera Bread
-  Batchellor's Forest Site Plan Amendment

-  GLENMONT, Poplar Run (formerly Indian Spring County Club), 40 lots and 5 
parcels in R-200 Zone at intersection of Poplar Run Dr. and Tivoli Lake Blvd.
-  CLARKSBURG, Clarksburg Town Center, 20 lots and 7 parcels in RMX Zone on 
southeast corner of Clarksburg Square Rd. and General Store Dr.
-  OLNEY, Townhouses at Small's Nursery, 19 lots and 5 parcels in RT-10 Zone on 
south side of Thistlebridge Dr. 700 ft. west of Georgia Ave.
-  NORTH BETHESDA, Garrett Park, 2 lots in R-90 Zone on east side of Waverly 
Ave. 300 ft. south of Montrose Ave.
-  BOYDS, Kilmarnock Farm, 3 lots in R-200 Zone on north side of Barnesville Rd. 
800 ft. west of Ganley Rd.
-  GERMANTOWN, Seneca Meadows Corporate Center, 2 lots and 1 parcel in TMX-2 
Zone on northwest corner of Observation Dr. and Seneca Meadows Pkwy.
-  SILVER SPRING CBD, R. Holt Easley's Subdivision - Silver Spring, 1 lot in 
CBD-1 Zone on north side of Sligo Ave. 250 ft. east of Fenton St.
-  CLARKSBURG, Clarksburg Village, 4 parcels in R-200/TDR Zone on south of 
Snowden Farm Pkwy. at intersection of Newcut Rd.

-  GREAT SENECA SCIENCE CORRIDOR, Shady Grove Life Science Center, Site Plan 
Amendment to remove a building, add parking, add and modify loading facilities, 
and enhance architectural, landscape and site details on 7.85 acres in LSC Zone 
on northeast corner of Medical Center Dr. and Medical Center Way
-  WHITE FLINT, North Bethesda Market, Site Plan Amendment to convert second 
floor retail to 14 dwelling units, adjust passive/active recreation space, 
public use space and cafe seating areas, and make minor site modifications on 
4.3 acres in CR Zone on Rockville Pk. 460 ft. south of Nicholson Ln.
-  Alvemar Woods Lot 17 Preliminary Plan Amendment Corrected Resolution
-  Mess Property Preliminary Plan Corrected Resolution
-  Mid-Pike Plaza Sketch Plan Corrected Resolution

APPROVAL OF MINUTES of June 30, 2011 meeting

Item 10 (addition)  -  Reconsideration Requests for Hilltop Farm Preliminary 

2  -  East County Science Center Master Plan Citizens Advisory Committee - 
appoint replacement member

6 (new time)  -  Montgomery Parks Foundation Proposed Park Naming Policy

3  -  KENSINGTON, Park Facility Plan for Warner Circle Special Park - to 
rehabilitate historic buildings, demolish non-contributing wings, construct new 
office/meeting/laboratory space, and refurbish the grounds to continue to serve 
as a public park

* 5  -  GREAT SENECA SCIENCE CORRIDOR, Human Genome Sciences (Traville Parcels M 
& N), review Limited Site Plan Amendment to construct Building D, revise 
approved Forest Conservation Plan, revise Approved Water Quality Plan, revise 
Stormwater facilities and utilities, delete temporary surface parking lot, add 
surface parking facility (327 spaces) in close proximity to Building D, and 
modify existing lighting and landscape plans on 46.26 acres in MXN Zone south of 
Darnestown Rd. and Great Seneca Hwy.

12:00 p.m.  LUNCH and...
Item 8 (addition)  -  CLOSED SESSION to comply with requirements that prevent 
public disclosure about a particular proceeding or matter

Item 9 (addition)  -  CLOSED SESSION to consult with counsel to obtain legal 

1:30 p.m.  PLANNING BOARD MEETING Continues
Item 4 (new time)  -  Kensington Sector Plan Draft Design Guidelines

7  -  Roundtable Discussion - Pace and Pattern of Growth; and Subdivision 
Staging Policy (formerly known as Growth Policy)
* Ex parte communication on these items is prohibited with any member of the 
Planning Board. Inquiries or communications will instead be redirected to the 
appropriate staff person.
Unless otherwise noted, public testimony allowed on individual items (except 
briefings and discussions).

Listen to live audio feed or view live video feed of Planning Board sessions 
over the internet with link on their website.  The Planning Board Viewer works 
best with use of Microsoft's Silverlight free plug-in.  Information on 
Silverlight (and link to free software download) available on this webpage:

To view entire Planning Board agenda, go to www.montgomeryplanningboard.org --in 
menu on left side of screen, click on "agenda".  The Board's agenda is now 
posted as an HTML document, which does not require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Sign up online to testify on an item before the Planning Board, up to 10 days 
prior to the hearing, by going to http://www.montgomeryapps.org:80/planning_board/testify.asp 
, or call 301-495-4600 before 4:00 p.m. the day before the meeting.  On the day 
of the meeting, see the clerk in the auditorium to sign up.

NOTE--CHANGED PROCEDURES: Written comments must be received in the Chair's 
office at least 24 hours in advance of the hearing date (referencing the hearing 
date and item) to be reviewed by the Board and included in the official record 
of the hearing.  Written comments received within 24 hours before a hearing will 
be placed in the file, but will not be considered by the Board or included in 
the official record.  Copies of testimony presented orally or copies of 
correspondence will not be distributed at the hearing.

Staff reports for upcoming agenda items are posted online--ten days prior to 
meeting when Board will discuss--in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat 
Reader to view.
-Excerpts compiled and distributed by Jim Humphrey

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