Monday, July 18, 2011

Reminder: New Sod Needs to be Watered!

It promises to be a scorcher this week! I hope one of our readers will get a temperature reading on the Richard Montgomery High School artificial turf field. (And I really hope that no kids will be playing on the artificial field in the 100 degree heat!)

Never fear: Richard Montgomery High School also has a grass "practice field." Up until this summer, it was basically a sand pit. But at some point recently, new sod was laid on part of the field, and it appears that part of the field was seeded as well. (You can see the delineation in the photos).

Nevertheless, some of the new sod is starting to wither and die. Hoses were on the field yesterday morning at 8:30. Let's hope someone watered earlier in the morning, and takes action to ensure that the new sod survives, and the seeded part sprouts.


  1. ps: who paid for all the new sod, and the seeding? Booster club or taxpayers?

  2. No problem! MCPS has LOTS of FROZEN SOD they can pull out of storage, remember?


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