Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Can you tell us as you sit here under oath today that there are no cobwebs anywhere in your house?"

Did you know that when a MCPS employee or contractor comes to your home to provide educational services to your child they are also taking notes on the cobwebs and scruff marks in your home?

This is the third in our series of transcripts showing what goes on during a MCPS hearing on special education services for public school children. [Update: In this transcript the child's attorney is questioning the parent in response to the document introduced by the Board of Education's attorney regarding 1 cob web and 1 scuff mark in the child's home.] 

Apparently, the Montgomery County Board of Education considers ONE COBWEB in your home to be a sign of an unclean home.  Scuff marks? Let's hope there are none in your home!  We all know how dangerous scuff marks are to the health of a child! (We are sure that a major lab is working on a "scuff mark" vaccine for infants.)

Everyone that can certify under oath that as of today there are no cobwebs in your home or apartment, please comment below.  Remember, you are swearing under oath, and if one cobweb is found it is evidence of your parenting. 

Reminder:  Taxpayers are paying $6,000 a day for these hearings.  Every additional inane question by the Board attorney adds on to the bill that we pay the outside attorney.  It's your money.  This is how the Board of Education chooses to spend it.

In this transcript:
Mr. Krew = Montgomery County Board of Education outside attorney.  
Mr. Eig = child's attorney
C = child
M = mother
Transcript 3


  1. Replies
    1. @ Nina
      The transcript is real.

      The only joke in the above is that we do not think any labs are going to come up with a scuff mark vaccine, because we don't think that scuff marks in any way impact the health of children.

      It is disturbing to think that MCPS staff that enter a families home would make a notation about scuff marks in a child's file. And, then worse to see that such a notation is then used in litigation by the Board of Education.

  2. Yikes! You mean the public service providers come into a home, scrutinize all aspects of the home, require sanitized home environments, such as no cob webs or scuff marks, and later use this information as a hammer against anyone a parent, who is advocating for a placement or plan of a disabled child in disagreeing with the BOE? Why would anyone trust such services when there is such intusion on privacy? Has the BOE and the attorney become parent bullies? What about the BOE’s efforts to treat parents as mutual partners?

  3. I read to my kids at night.

    I'll put more time into scrubbing the baseboards instead.
    Message received, BoE.

  4. I think it is disgusting that the attorney for the Board of Education would ask such crazy questions. The family is going through enough trauma and difficulty, and it's terrible that they are put through the wringer like this. Also, does the attorney get paid more because he is taking more time in his questioning? The Board should focus on what is best for the child's education, not the ridiculous questions.

    1. Yes, the Board of Education pays their outside attorneys by the day for hearing. We believe, based on past information, that they are paid at least $6,000 a day for each day spent in a hearing.

  5. Paula BienenfeldJuly 18, 2012 at 4:24 PM

    Again, not the 'Board of Education's attorney.' YOUR attorney that the Board hired with your money. Don't like this horrendous behavior? Elections are coming up in November. your choice. your attorney. Mr. Krew works for you. He is YOUR employee. Take some responsibility.

    1. your statement is misleading. even if all of the people i voted for are on the board, i am not in charge of who they hire and what the contract says or how much they pay the attorney. and i cannot "unelect" people mid term because they voted for paying an attorney an exorbitant fee. if the public were in charge of the actual hire, i would claim responsibility.

    2. How about when BOE members come up for reelection? You can use your powers as a citizen to vote your conscience. If the contract to hire an outside attorney has glitches, then it should definitely be evaluated and changed by the BOE. I don't buy into the premise that we, the public, have no power.

  6. He is indeed hired by a public agency and should be held accountable for what he is doing in these hearings. Who is supervising his work and allowing this craziness to perpetuate? Too many invisible faces. And yes, we should not vote for any Board Member who approves this contract.

  7. Subishi, the reason the citizens cannot 'unelect' elected officials is because there is no recall power here in Maryland as there is in many other states. Again, that is your state delegates making these laws. The citizens of this county elected those delegates too. And, I might add, re-elected them.


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