Monday, November 12, 2012

Hot News from the State of the Schools 2012

This blogger just returned from the State of the Schools presentation at Strathmore with Josh Starr and a cast of MCPS staff and students.

Did you miss the breakfast?  The event was taped and you can catch the video from the comfort of your home.

The big news is on the arts front.  While Strathmore Hall is the premier venue for music and entertainment, Mitch Rales announced that its his intention for Glenstone to be the county's premier visual arts venue.  Glenstone plans to break ground shortly on a new building.

In the interim - everyone is invited to come out and see what Glenstone has to offer.  The public is invited Wednesday through Saturdays.  He didn't mention whether reservations are required, or whether he still has a no blogger policy. 

High school classes are invited to visit on Wednesdays.  Mitch and Emily are so generous, they will pay for the buses to take your favorite high schoolers.

But for kids under the age of 14?  No Glenstone for you.

I guess Glenstone needs to learn another lesson from Strathmore - you need to open your facility to kids of all ages and abilities if you want to be as successful as Strathmore.  The Rales's enterprise has a long way to go before it becomes a go to destination here in the county.

Oh, and if you feel that you missed out on breakfast, that too was a bit overrated - cold coffee and danish platters from a local supermarket chain.  Is this what our kids get for breakfast at school?

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