Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Official! No Contract for Purchase of 2,000 Promethean brand boards. Council will hand MCPS $8.9 MILLION without any strings attached!

In the packet of information for the Montgomery County Council's vote tomorrow to hand over $14.5 million to MCPS, we find this amazing statement about the $8.9 million dollar Promethean brand Interactive White Board purchase:
"MCPS intends to use one of two Statewide contracts to purchase the Promethean Board systems."
Contract One? Contract Two? 
That confirms what we have been telling you on this blog.  There is no current MCPS contract to purchase 2,000 Promethean brand Interactive White Boards.  When Councilmember Phil Andrews asked MCPS' Chief Technology Officer for the pricing for the 2,000 Promethean boards, he couldn't answer.  Of course not!  The prices don't exist yet because there is no contract!

MCPS "intends to use" tells the public that MCPS doesn't have a contract in hand yet.  Intention is not a contractual relationship.

"One of two" tells the public that MCPS doesn't have a contract yet.  It could be contract one, or contract two, or even number three if MCPS changes their mind.  Prices and terms? Not yet final.  No guarantee what taxpayers are getting for this $8.9 million.

What exactly did the Board of Education approve on September 11th?  Guess the BOE has no idea, and the County Council doesn't care.

2012November13 Council hands over $14.5 Million to MCPS without any contracts.

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