Monday, November 5, 2012

Post's Mathews Names Child, Hides Name of MCPS Attorney and Administrators

Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews wrote today about the litigation surrounding a Montgomery County Public School child.  

Mr. Mathews named the child and his school in his column.  He did not name the MCPS administrators responsible for this litigation, or the Board of Education hired outside attorney that has litigated this case.  

Why is Mr. Mathews focusing on the child while ignoring the Board of Education elected officials and MCPS administrators that have pursued this litigation?  Where is Mr. Mathews' investigation of this controversy?

The Parents' Coalition blog has a 5 part series on what has gone on in special education litigation.  Where is Mr. Mathews' coverage of this?  And, does Mr. Mathews' still permit MCPS to review his columns before they go to print? 


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