Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Video #3: Starr on leaving out children with special education needs from his State of the Schools speech

Question #3 from November 26, 2012, MCPS Special Education Advisory Committee meeting with Superintendent Starr:
Answer includes Superintendent Starr saying he will not give families his vision for special education students in MCPS, students relegated to basement, when I say I won't do it, what about every other group...


  1. Totally, completely, utterly UNACCEPTABLE.
    And, FYI, speaking of basements, Dr. Starr, have you visited the "Bridge" program at Gaithersburg HS?

  2. The reason I asked him to post a SPED vision along side his State of Schools speech is because he hit every major educational issue or group in that 9 page, 30 minute speech except SPED. His reason for not posting a SPED vision along side the speech is that other groups would then ask to be covered; intead he could refer them back to his State of Schools Speech.

    In any event, I do think we should pursue his offer to provide an explicit vision.


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