Monday, January 14, 2013

99% Public Funding, But No Money for Special Education Students

Remember back to November 26, 2012, when a MCPS parent asked Superintendent Joshua Starr why the George B. Thomas Learning Academy aka Saturday School did not tutor children with special education needs.  Superintendent Starr blamed the George B. Thomas Academy for not asking for money for special education tutoring.  But, doesn't the funding that the George B. Thomas Academy already receives cover students with special education tutoring needs?  
We learn from the most recent 990 filed by the George B. Thomas Academy that the Academy is 99% publicly funded! Annual income for 2010 was $1,843,884
Yet, students with special education needs are excluded from receiving services at this 99% publicly funded program?  
Superintendent Starr, please explain how this publicly funded program can discriminate against students with special education needs.  You can Tweet your answer or hold a book club. Either way, you need to address the failure of this publicly funded program to serve students with special education needs.    

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  1. There is an enrollment fee of either $30 or $50. Does this count as "program revenue" or is it something else?


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