Thursday, January 3, 2013

BRT: Mason-Dixon Push Poll

Parents' Coalition has learned that Mason-Dixon Polling and Research, based in Washington, D.C., and Jacksonville, FL, has been hired to "poll" Montgomery County residents about bus rapid transit (BRT).  We understand that the poll appears to be a 'push poll' and questions have been designed so that the outcome will be favorable to BRT.

Mason-Dixon's reputation has suffered somewhat since the presidential elections, when they consistently had candidate Gov. Romney (R) ahead of President Obama (D).  But, no matter.

Here are a few of the questions being asked: BRT will help the poor.  Where will the billions required come from?  Clues are in these questions: Would you support the BRT with higher taxes?  Would you be willing to defer your taxes until you sold or refinanced your home?

Meanwhile County Executive Ike Leggett is quietly asking the County Council for another $1million to pay for yet another BRT study.  This time it will turn out well, right?  and, it's only another $1million.  Plenty of money in wealthy Montgomery County.


  1. More about "Mason-Dixon Research and Polling":

    Domain name registration information:

    Registered through:, LLC (
    Domain Name: MASON-DIXON.COM
    Created on: 29-Dec-95
    Expires on: 28-Dec-14
    Last Updated on: 21-Nov-11

    Mason-Dixon Political Research, Inc.

    10805 Hickory Ridge Road, Suite 200-B
    Columbia, Maryland 21044
    United States

    Administrative Contact:
    Coker, Brad
    Mason-Dixon Political/Media Research
    10805 Hickory Ridge Road Suite 200-B
    Columbia, Maryland 21044
    United States
    (410) 995-0958 Fax -- 999 999 9999


    Maryland corporate registry information:

    Status: FORFEITED
    Owner (Primary):
    10705 CHARTER DR STE 340
    COLUMBIA, MD 21044
    10705 CHARTER DR STE 340
    COLUMBIA, MD 21044
    Renewal Notice Date: 08/23/2001
    Expiration Date: 01/06/2002

  2. The Mason-Dixon Research and Polling web site lists Florida and Washington, D.C. as their two office locations, but the firm is not registered in the official Florida state corporation directory or the official Washington, D.C. corporation directory.

  3. Exactly who is this "Mason-Dixon" firm? They make some lofty claims on their web site, but don't offer any statistics to back up their claims. They don't even list an address for their office. Their corporate registration in Maryland was forfeited and they aren't registered in D.C. or Florida. Is this a reputable polling company? It looks more like a venture operated out of someone's garage.


      Brad Coker is managing director


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