Monday, January 28, 2013

Exclusive! SEARCHABLE Starr's FY 2014 Operating Budget!

Here's a document you will only find on the Parents' Coalition blog.

It's a SEARCHABLE copy of the Superintendent's Recommended FY 2014 Operating Budget.

Here is the document that Superintendent Joshua Starr made public:

It's the full budget, all 544 pages.  

But, let's say you want to know if the Superintendent's Recommended Operating Budget makes any mention of artificial turf or Pearson. Try and search the Superintendent Starr document above using your computer.  No luck.  You see, when Superintendent Starr had that copy of his recommended budget loaded to the MCPS website the vast majority of the pages were loaded as IMAGES and are not searchable.  If you want to know what's in that document, you have to read it page by page.

So, the Parents' Coalition has taken the document, scanned it with an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program, converted it to a PDF, and loaded it on to Scribd for your convenience. 

If you want to find a specific word in the Superintendent's Recommended Operating Budget all you need to do is put the word in the Scribd "Search this document" box.  Go ahead.  Give it a try and see what you find! 
Use the document below only!  
Click the link and enter a word in the "Search this document" box.

The Parents' Coalition blog is the ONLY place you will find a searchable copy of Superintendent Starr's FY 2014 Operating Budget.

Note:  Some pages were garbled in the OCR conversion process, but the vast majority of the text is readable, and searchable.  

Why didn't Superintendent Starr make this document searchable in the first place? Why convert all the text pages to IMAGES and post IMAGES to the MCPS website? 


  1. p310

    "Currently, staff is negotiating a land swap with the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission at William H. Farquhar Middle School onBatchelor's Forest Road in Olney."

    Once again, I ask the following:

    How can you swap what you don't own?

    Maybe this budget process can be the juncture where the Council tells MCPS staff to start dealing in reality. I am still not aware of an "official request" being sent to Park and Planning even though Staff has been operating as if this has been a done deal for 18 months.

    $2,000,000 already spent based on lies and misinformation.

    Starr nor his staff have any respect for the taxpayers or their money. On second thought, let me correct that. Starr and his staff will spend your money, in any way they see fit, as long as it appeases the vocal minority and despite established protocol and policy.

  2. Over 500 hits in one day. 8 downloads. People are interested in the MCPS Operating Budget?

  3. People interested in the MCPS $2.2BILLION budget please come to the Budgetpalooza, an open chapter-by-chapter discussion of the proposed budget. Wed., Feb 6th, 7-9 pm, Rockville Memorial Library, 21 Maryland Ave., Rockville.


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