Sunday, January 20, 2013

FREE After School Program at 5 Middle Schools: Are Kids with Special Needs Included?

FYI: Middle School Pilot

Serving Argyle, Clemente, Forest Oak, Loiederman, and Neelsville

Together with the Montgomery County Recreation Department and MCPS, the
Collaboration Council is delivering out of school time (OST) programming that
uses positive youth development practices to promote social, emotional,
intellectual, and physical development. We also ensure program quality through a
strong professional development component for our youth workers. Through this
collaborative effort, every child at five middle schools (Argyle, Loiederman,
Clemente, Forest Oak and Neelsville) now has the opportunity to participate in
OST activities, two and a half hours a day, two to four days a week, for three
10 week sessions which include a hot meal and transportation home—all for FREE
and accessible to ALL.
See our brochure (English and Espanol) describing this
collaborative effort.


Every Child means Every Child, right?
If you have a child at Argyle, Loiederman, Clemente, Forest Oak, or Neelsville
who has special needs, including significant special needs, PLEASE let us know
if your child is being included in this opportunity.


  1. Why would they be? They aren't included at the George B. Thomas Learning Center. Joshua Starr says no one has asked for them to be included.

  2. My child goes to one of the schools listed and no one has mentioned this to me before. I am searching for a after school program for my child and I just came across this. My child has special needs and I believe she would benefit from this.

  3. Anonymous, please let us know if your child is permitted to enroll!


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