Saturday, January 19, 2013

Grades, Achievement Dominate Discussion at MCPS Town Hall in Germantown

Parent: Are Down County Schools Better?
The mom of a kindergartner within the Seneca Valley cluster said she was concerned that her son was at a disadvantage because he didn’t go to what she referred to as one of the “‘W’ schools” — the nationally ranked schools within the Wooton and Walt Whitman clusters down county.
“What is happening to get this cluster more competitive with those?” she asked.
At first, Starr spoke generally, stating that across the board, MCPS schools were high performing and that there tends to be a correlation between demographics and student achievement, with schools in more affluent communities performing better.
Then he said too much attention was placed on competing with others schools.
“I get concerned with the constant comparisons that people are making,” Starr said.
He said the focus should be on the needs of the child, and how the school and the parent can meet those needs...

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