Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guest Post: Why is FieldTurf Cheaper for other school systems than MCPS?

Hey - what a minute!  Fieldturf bid $675,000 in Columbus, Ohio to convert a natural grass field to synthetic turf (includes base prep) and a well known competitor bid just $446,000.  Just imagine if Montgomery County put its turf jobs out to a proper, competitive bid process.  All of a sudden those $1.2 million dollar fields turn into $446,000 projects - a savings of over $700,000 per field!

That $700,000 (per field) would sure go a long way towards funding tutoring for special education students...

...Figures compiled by head football coach Kurt Frenzen showed adding Sprinturf or FieldTurf would cost $446,000 and $675,000, respectively, over the first 12 years with long-term replacement costs of $200,000-plus and $325,000...

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