Sunday, January 13, 2013

MCPS, Montgomery College, USG boards meet for first time

For the first time ever, the leaders of Montgomery County’s three educational institutions greeted all of their board members in the same place on Friday morning.
The goal was to establish a common ground to face the county’s challenges.... 
When talking about how to better align their goals, group members said the institutions need to better align their K-12 curriculum to match the college courses and workforce opportunities available.
In order to get more resources, group members said, the institutions need to reach out to businesses and retired community members with specifics on how they can help.
For example, Montgomery County’s Board of Education President Christopher Barclay said there are probably plenty of retired mathematicians or scientists, from NASA or other local organizations, who would help math teachers...
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Montgomery ed leaders gather to talk student success, K-16

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  1. let's bring more strangers into schools for less security


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