Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Parents want more security at Bradley Hills Elementary temp location

Gazette:  Letters sent to county, education leaders say school needs upgrades

...One parent, Robert Sitrick, wrote in his letter that it seems “incredible” that there is a school “full of children with no locks on the door or other screening procedures.”
“None of us would ever dream of leaving our kids in an unlocked home, even in the best of neighborhoods,” Sitrick wrote...
And, as usual, the scripted MCPS response was...
...MCPS spokesman Dana Tofig said the parents’ claims are not entirely true. Starr was not available for comment...

Superintendent Joshua Starr works for you.  He is paid over $250,000 a year last we knew.

Dana Tofig was making $127,717 the last time MCPS salaries were made available to the public by the Parents' Coalition.  We don't know his current salary.

Funny, the Superintendent has been "available" to send out tweets, but can't address a school safety issue. 

Both of these MCPS employees are paid with tax dollars to work for the public.  What do we get for those tax dollars?  Parents are assailed and the superintendent is unavailable. 


  1. What a difference a zip code can make.

    In Stafford, the response to parental security concerns is to beef up the process, not blame the parents or the financial state of the schools.

    Parents in MoCo - you are being taken for a ride. Where is the Superintendent? Why is only a mere lackey - Mr. Tofig - responding? Didn't he leave last year when Dr. W skipped town?

  2. One also wonders, though, why the calls for a locked door with a buzzer when Sandy Hook apparently had that very measure in place? If it didn't keep THAT gunman out, why would it keep out anyone else determined to do harm?


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