Sunday, January 6, 2013

Starr finally comments on 6 year old's suspension

Gazette:  School rescinds 6-year-old’s suspension

...Rodney’s family got a letter Dec. 20 explaining the school’s decision to suspend the first-grader.
“On Thursday, December 20, your son, Rodney, was involved in a serious incident. He threatened to shoot a student. He was spoken earlier today about a similar incident,” the school wrote in a letter to Lynch, informing her of the one-day suspension.
In a follow-up letter to the family about the incident Judith Bresler, a lawyer for the school system, wrote: “After meeting with the counselor and assistant principal, Rodney chose to point his finger at a female classmate and say ‘Pow.’ Regardless of who said ‘Pow,’ there is no question that the student had been warned and counseled about the behavior.”
Jeannie Lynch said the school made an initial call to her home about the incidents with her son, but she was at work.
Her son was sent to the office three times that day for making similar gun gestures, she said....
...It is important for folks to understand we have very, very thorough and considered processes for disciplinary determination particularly when it comes to suspension of a child. That include numerous communications with families, interventions with social services, a number of steps. We can’t talk about it when it comes to a specific case,” Starr told the Gazette...

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  1. so glad he went to the OFFICE 3 times... obviously their interventions didn't work. perhaps talking to the counselor may have been in order? or trying the mother's work number, if she was at work? even if the kid WAS simulating a gun and DID threaten to shoot someone with his finger-gun, they have to do more than just count to 3 and suspend him.


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