Sunday, January 13, 2013

When will Council Stand up to the Board of Education?

Councilmember Phil Andrews writes in today's Washington Post:  

When will Montgomery stand up to Annapolis?

Councilmember Andrews must have forgotten that just 2 months ago the Montgomery County Council handed over $2,042,000 to the Board of Education without any documentation.  

The Board asked for $2,042,000 in County funds and without producing any contracts or verification for the requested procurement the County Council, including Councilmember Andrews, raised their hands in agreement to turn the $2,042,000 to the Board of Education.  

That money could have been used by the Council for any purpose; libraries, police, fire, or health services.  But, instead the Council, along with Councilmember Andrews, chose to hand that money over to the Board of Education without any documentation.

Now, Councilmember Andrews asks the Montgomery County Delegation to "stand up", something that he is unable to do in his own elected position.  If he can throw around $2,042,000 like it is Monopoly money, why does he expect anything more from the elected officials in Annapolis?

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  1. This might be more damning if ANY council member or county exec risked the ire of single-bid vendors.

    Quoting the link above:

    "The Montgomery County Council just unanimously approved the Board of Education request..."


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