Monday, July 11, 2016

@mocoboe Spends $32K in April Fighting Families of Special Needs Kids. Will New Supe Smith Continue Trend?

Special Education Legal Expenses

Special education legal fees for outside counsel for April 2016 totaled $32,713.

The year-to-date total of $298,232 is $61,685 (26.1 percent) more than the same period in the previous year.

In addition, total year-to-date special education legal costs of $298,232 are $102,725 (25.6 percent)
less than the budgeted amount of $400,957 through this time period.


How many hours of 1:1 tutoring would $32,713 buy?
Does this expenditure of $32,713 do ANYTHING towards closing the "achievement gap?" I'm guessing NO.
The Montgomery County Board of Education just keeps throwing good money after bad.
Can't wait to ask Superintendent Jack Smith whether he thinks spending over thirty thousand dollars in one month to enforce denial of special education services is a prudent use of money. You're an educator, Dr. you want this to be your legacy?

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  1. That's one less teacher in a classroom.

    Parents love overcrowded classrooms and would prefer to spend education dollars on litigation. Parents love the Board of Education members and their choice of Jack Smith. Smith will continue to sue parents and remove teachers from classrooms.


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