Monday, July 18, 2016

New Independent Free Service for MCPS Special Needs Families

I am the parent of a child with special needs in MCPS and an advocate for people with disabilities. Many parents come to this forum (editorial note:  this refers to a countywide special needs listserv) to look for information about specific schools. 
In order to offer parents a more organized way to collect and browse this information, I have created a website (completely FREE to use) where parents can share information about their own experiences at individual schools and look up what others have said about each specific school in MCPS. Posted comments are completely ANONYMOUS..
This FREE service is hosted at, and offered through R2M Innovations, LLC on behalf of parents and it is not affiliated with Montgomery County Public Schools. This service is completely free and is aligned with the broader mission of R2M Innovations, a startup with the goal of developing solutions to improve the life of people with disabilities. 
This service has the SOLE purpose of offering a free and useful tool to parents, and has no commercial purposes. The reason R2M is mentioned is because it is sustaining the cost of developing and maintaining the service.
Any suggestions for improving this service are welcome.

Max A.

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