Monday, August 8, 2016

BOE Hires Former Garrett Co. Superintendent, Won't Let Her Talk to Media. MCPS PR "Sad"

The Board of Education hired former Garrett County Superintendent Janet Wilson as an associate superintendent in MCPS.  The Sentinel tried to interview Ms. Wilson and another new associate superintendent, Jonathon Brice.


Montgomery County Public Schools spokesperson Derek Turner said Monday The Sentinel could not photograph or interview the two new associate superintendents because he didn’t want them interacting with media within their first days in office.
"We're trying to avoid schedules with media requests (for now)," said Turner. "We really want to let them fully settle into their jobs."

One of his assistants sent photographs of each person.

Turner later said, “We’re not trying to block the Sentinel or anyone in particular but with any new jobs, we let staff settle into a new position.”

Turner proposed a reporter write two questions for each person so he would send the questions to the two new staffers, and try to have the questions answered before deadline or by the following morning. Turner said he limited the reporter to two questions per person because that number would be “easy to answer” in a limited amount of time.

By Tuesday morning, Turner said in an email he had not received responses from the associate superintendents to questions the reporter sent him.

An assistant to Turner sent a response from Dr. Janet Wilson, one of the two new associate superintendents, Wednesday morning but questions though Jonathan Brice, the other new superintendent, did not respond.

Turner said Board of Education President Mike Durso told him the reporter asked two people the same question to see if they had the same story. Turner said the reporter doing this “saddened” him and told her she could only communicate with him through email and that he would arrange a phone call if she asked something he determined could be answered on the phone...

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  1. Media transparency
    Stifles performance
    Once indoctrinated
    They will inform us.


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