Friday, August 12, 2016

Breaking: Montgomery Co. Inspectors Ignore Standing Water Next to Elementary School #zika #silverspring #westnile

Montgomery County wants you to "Fight the Bite."  They have nice posters and instructions for the public and include instructions to call 311.  

What do County Inspectors do if they are notified about standing water?  Apparently, absolutely nothing.

Montgomery County has known since at least 2014, that the pool next to the Roscoe Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring has been abandoned and filled with standing water.  You can read previous posts on this blog about this abandoned facility at this link.  You can even read the County inspection report that notes the standing water in the pools.   The report is shown below.

What action did Montgomery County take after this inspection report was filed? 

What do these abandoned pools look like today, August 12, 2016, as the County warns residents about Zika?

Well, the cell tower on this abandoned property is bigger, but the condition of the property and the pools has not changed.  

The cell tower company got what they wanted and Montgomery County ignored the condition of the property next to an elementary school. 

August 2016

August 2016

County Inspection Report from 2014:


  1. This has the making of a TV commercial.

  2. It's Silver Spring. what did you expect? This is what the voters want.

  3. Let's not jump to conclusions. First, they'll do a data study, then they'll conduct a cost benefit analysis.


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