Thursday, August 25, 2016

Officials say Field turf needs replacing earlier than expected

Meriden, CT

...When the turf was installed in mid-2008, it came with an 8-10 year warranty, though it started showing wear much sooner than that.
Nelson said within the first year the artificial grass blades started being pulled out in a higher volume than anticipated, and within 3-4 years, 25 tons of rubber pellets needed to be added in order to maintain the field’s shock-absorbency. In the ensuing years, large swaths of the turf were replaced where it was balding or getting otherwise damaged.
Additionally, each year the Friends of Falcon paid the Pennsylvania-based installer ProGrass for maintenance of the field, which included grooming and screening for foreign objects that could damage the field, such as metal hair pins. That yearly maintenance extended the warranty out an additional year each time. 


  1. Whose hare brained idea was to use artificial turf anyway?

    1. Thank Superintendent Jerry Weast and Governor Martin O'Malley.

  2. Remember the Richard Montgomery HS artificial turf was going to turn Rockville into a DESTINATION!

    How'd that work out? The professional soccer club folded and left MCPS with debt for the RM plastic grass. The City of Rockville? Did it make them a DESTINATION?

  3. a simple lesson could have been learned from the Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams had plastic grass in Kaufman and Arrowhead Stadiums respectively. Both teams eventually removed the plastic because it drained poorly and injuries were up because the field was not as forgiving a natural turf. Im not sure about Arrowhead, But the stadium the Royals play in now I believe was reverted back to natural fescue with an improved draining system

  4. @August 25 9:27am, check the campaign contributions to O'Malley.


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