Tuesday, August 2, 2016

"Where are you going to put the students?" #ewingcenter #busdepot

...Jamison Adcock, president of the Aspen Hill Civic Association, has spoken out against relocating buses to the site for the last two years as part of the "Save Blair Ewing" group.
"Less anybody just think this is NIMBYism, the people who are opposed to this, they're from all over the area," said Adcock. "This is people scattered all over the place."

He cited environmental, traffic, educational and cost concerns for opposing the site. 

"Number one, the fact that it wasn't pulled speaks volumes to me," said Adcock. "That's a terrible location for an industrial use such as a bus depot. It's in the Rock Creek watershed. It's 400 feet from the creek. It's on top of steep hills dropping into the creek."

For the traffic, he noted the two-lane road is windy like a country road.
Meanwhile, the Ewing Center is one of six secondary alternative school programs run by Montgomery County Public Schools, located in a wooded area northeast of Norbeck Road and east of the RedGate Golf Course.
"Where are you going to put the students?" said Adcock...


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  1. Maybe they should employ the
    "pin the tale on the donkey" strategy.


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