Friday, September 30, 2016

Churchill, Blair High School, Bells Mill and Takoma Park Middle MCPS Wi-Fi Health Risks


  1. The ceiling routers (access points) are pumping out unshielded microwave radiation all day every day whether kids need the WiFi or not. There is no parental consent and parents are not being told whether their child is sitting directly under one of the routers. The closer you are to a router the higher the radiation. A recent NTP\NIH study confirmed what other studies have found - WiFi is possibly carcinogenic - non-ionizing radiation is linked to cancer and other health issues. Over 20 countries are taking action to minimize risk to children. In Haifa Wifi has been banned in schools and use wired internet connection. In other places WiFi must be turned off when not in use. You can find out more at

  2. What is our risk with home wi-fi? Students spend more time at home than at school; what type of home risk management is advised?


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