Monday, September 19, 2016

Moms Speak Out To Stop the Drug Epidemic in Montgomery County

On Saturday night, Rockville Town Square vibrated with the chatter of people, noise from the restaurants, and sounds from the band, Just Stones. In the midst of the bubbling activity of everyday life, a message was emphatically impressed on everyone present.
Parents of kids who are struggling or have struggled with drug or alcohol dependence were participating in the “Lights of Hope” recovery celebration. Their aim is to end the stigma of addiction and celebrate those in recovery.
“I asked my son, ‘If you don’t survive, can I speak the truth about it to help others?’ and he agreed,” shared Lynda Hudmon, a member of The Addict’s Mom (TAM), a support group for parents who have lost children to addiction, “I made a promise to him that I would never disrespect his memory. I made the same promise later to fiercely loyal friends who did not wish for him to be remembered for his struggles, but for the kind, giving, and smart person that he was.”...

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  1. As usual, unless it reaches an epidemic level and grabs media attention, the authorities will not lift a finger.


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