Saturday, September 3, 2016

NBC4: Mont. County Residents Shocked by Proposal to Build Cell Towers in Front of Homes

Residents of a Montgomery County neighborhood say they are concerned about a proposal that would permit the county to install 30 foot cell phone towers in front of their homes.
County officials are considering amending zoning laws so Crown Castle, a wireless infrastructure company, can erect "small cell solutions" towers in residential neighborhoods in Gaithersburg, Germantown and North Potomac, Maryland. 
According to Crown Castle's website, there are nine proposed tower sites in the area of Gaithersburg, Maryland.
The towers would go on small pieces of land owned by the county, known as public right-of-way.
"Between the sidewalk and the curb is technically county property," said community activist Andy Spivak.
Spivak has created a petition urging county officials not to approve the amendment. So far, it has more than 200 signatures.

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